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Nice! As I mentioned over email, @srikrishnang, Konotor has similarities to PlayHaven in that it's a platform for developers/marketers/etc. to communicate with their users directly in-app (although you've taken it to a CRM, one-on-one direction). I love what Intercom has done as well. So I like the direction. Now for an honest question... One of the hardest challenges, especially for new and "unproven" products like this, is that developers need to integrate YET ANOTHER SDK and use YET ANOTHER dashboard to manage their communications. The integration and ongoing management overhead is a huge friction point for many. How are you planning to address this and get adoption?
@rrhoover Clarification: There is a strong 1:1 angle once a user responds/starts a conversation, but focus is also on letting you reach out to your mobile app users using: a. A powerful segmentation tool (for announcements, promotions, re-engagement, soliciting inputs, etc.) b. Our API (for event triggered, and transactional messaging) On your question: Here's what we are doing today: 1. Category focus: We're focusing on categories where the product is a painkiller (real need) as opposed to where its just a nice to have. We've figured apps that have transactions (mobile commerce, apps with in-app purchases, apps for availing services[taxi apps], etc) are good targets for us. Apps in early beta can also really maximize use of such a product. 2. Things that don't scale: We're working on doing trials with some well known apps in India, reaching out to them individually. We're finding that they are excited by our product's features and are willing to try it (the pipeline is looking good!). We believe can make strong case studies out of them. 3. We're integrating with some of the existing CRM products for the 1:1 part of it to reduce friction with respect to managing communications. Got any ideas we can use?
@rrhoover - quite a few surprises already actually :) Its been a big surprise to see how immature mobile products still are as compared to web. Even the bigger companies are still experimenting, figuring out their communication strategies and metrics/analytics for mobile, while they seem to have it working smoothly for them on the web+email front.
@rrhoover we should get the founder to do a AMA
I was chatting with @srikrishnang over email a few days ago. Welcome, Srikrishnan!