Schedule meet-ups of any kind automagically.

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[Disclosure: I work with Kono as a mentor at 500 Startups] I've had numerous experiences where I almost want to cancel a meeting because of all the back-and-forth involved with scheduling; I find Kono helpful for alleviating the headache.
@tonypham Yes~ Tony is our greatest mentor at 500 Startups. Thanks Tony for your message! You are the best! ;)
Just tell Kono what you want to do and who you want to invite. Using metrics like user location, traffic, and guest availability, it tells you what the best time and location are for your event. Kono tells you the exact time you should leave based on your previous behavioral patterns and traffic conditions.
@kwdinc Thank you for featuring Kono on ProductHunt! I'm YJ, the CEO of Konolabs. We are truly happy to see our Kono here! We are working on providing more cool features to get rid of scheduling hassles. Hope Kono could support more professionals over the world.
The Kono team got the Genius Award at 500 Startups B13 (fellow batch member here). Worth getting - the experience of Kono is wonderful and offers a well designed flow that gets to know you as you continue to use it.
@guygunaratne Glad to see you, Guy here! Thx for your message. Haha.. we got the Genius Award indeed. What a most honored award it is!
Its not available for the Norwegian market on Android play store, is this intentional?
@vegardwikeby Our recommendation for the location is so far limited for both US and South Korea only now. So we didn't publish for every country yet. However, Kono is already useful for time recommendation and many other features, we will publish the app for the Norwegian soon, and get you back.
I like the general idea and space of AI as a way to fix calendaring but in practice I'm just not willing yet to put a big important meeting in the hands of AI yet. This product seems like it was planned before iOS9 began doing the same kind of alerts about when to leave, so that feature isn't really unique anymore. Excited to see the space grow and become more mature but for now I'll stick with using Sunrise.am and their "Meet" functionality combined with the iOS9 "leave now" alerts.
@arlogilbert Our smart reminder was designed last year, so it would be faster than iOS9. :) BTW, our smart reminder is automatic and responsive as well as integrated with useful reactions. I am sure Kono will provide better features because as a startup we will be focusing on specific use cases. I hope someday you can prefer Kono rather than any other guys! ;)