Group GIF chat

We released a big new redesign of Kong today focused on group GIF chat. We launched Kong with both public and private channels. Over the last few months, its been the private channels that have resonated most meaningfully. So with this update, we've distilled Kong into an intimate one-to-one and group messaging app. We think the Kong format encourages you to let your guard down and get a little goofy with friends. At the same time, we believe the cumulative effect of seeing so many of your friends' faces over and over is really special. We hope you have as much fun using it as we had building it.
@shehabhamad are you seeing specific geographies or demographics pick up Kong, the way South Korea did with Path?
@chrismessina Kong was only available in the US when it launched. It is available globally starting today.
@shehabhamad ah! We'll have to wait and see then! Congrats!
I've been playing around with it and have found it delightful way to have a lightweight chat. Not sure how users take to new chat platforms that don't address some specific, urgent need, but I find myself wanting to have more chats on Kong and fewer on Snapchat.
@shehabhamad Congratulations on the release!