Management layer for microservices and APIs

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Yet another awesome contribution to the Open Source community by Aghi and Co.
@maheshcasiraghi thx! more on the road.
Hi everyone! Happy to answer questions for the PH community
@sinzone Really cool! Awesome contribution, thanks! Will there be a marketplace for Plugins? (I see there is some there already)
@sinzone Thanks for Kong. I have a question: Why lua?
@lorismaz yes. there will be. commercial plugins.
@liveink thanks buddy! hug wifey too.
@ahmadnassri VP of Engineering at Mashape on KONG: "Making it open source is the icing on the cake! We want to give the power back to the developer community and together create amazing open source tooling, while directly adding years of lessons learned to your development stack. Open sourcing Kong which powers our API marketplace with billions of calls per day, is not only a major milestone for the team, but also marks a shift in API tooling and services, we're challenging the the status quo and service providers by giving away for free what they charge for in thousands (and in some cases millions) of dollars."
This looks incredible, @sinzone. Really excited to try it out. Also, great landing page - the visuals + content are awesome and definitely made me want to learn more.
@chris_hendel thank you Chris. We put lot of team time and resources on it. We have lots to do.. pls ping me if you would like a particular plugin there https://github.com/Mashape/kong/.... Worth mention that we're also part of the same CRV family ;)