Curated list of tech conferences all around the world!

Konflist is a minimalistic app containing curated list of super awesome tech conferences all around the world!


• Minimalistic Design.

• Weekly updated conference list.

• 200+ tech conferences listed.

• Social sharing.

• Conferences sorted by countries.

• Conferences sorted by tech / topics.

• No ads.....Ever!

Coming Soon on iOS

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Very thoughtful of you... I just don't understand why it's an app?😕 Wouldn't the same information be passed across if it was a website? Even a gated one that requires an email address if it's for list building purposes... I guess for me the downer is that I have to download another app to see the info.
@ajoke_emekene Thankyou very much for your valuable feedback. I'll surely think over making a website for just listing the confs. But currently I am planning (already in the works) to add some features like reminder/add-events/add-to-calendar, and some local notifications (which would not be cool to do via website/browser) - these features will allow users to add confs/events to their mobile calendar and remind them either via app or calendar if they choose to do so. Cheers, Aniket Kudale
@ajoke_emekene @aniket_geek yes it would be cool to do it from website :)
@ajoke_emekene @7sedam7 Thankyou for your feedback! But to support features like add to favourites, users might have to sign-up/create their profiles on website, to maintain/store their likes. I dont want user's data (email) or any information about user to be stored on servers. So, on mobile app there is no need to create a profile as such, as the user's activity like adding confs to favourites etc. can be stored on mobile itself, as the device will be unique to the user.
@ajoke_emekene @7sedam7 @aniket_geek I think this type of app would be a great contender for a progressive web app! User data can be stored in a browser storage API (such as localstorage) and notifactions have a browser API!
@ajoke_emekene @7sedam7 @adam_kelly Thanks for your valuable feedback, PWA would be a good idea, but I wont be able to utilize all the mobile's native features plus for PWA I have to maintain/monitor server uptime and handle the traffic smoothly.
Where do you source all these listings from @aniket_geek? Also, do you have any plans to make this for iOS anytime soon?
@aniket_geek @amrith Looks like an amazing app, I'd love to have it on my iPhone.
@amrith Hey, thankyou for the upvote! currently its a in-house API, listings were manually collected / scraped from internet and stored in DB & Express used for client API's. I am planning to make those APIs public soon, do watch out for api.konflist.in Also, hopefully within a week, will be launching for iOS. Once again thanks for downloading and using Konflist app, please share your valuable feedback, what you liked, didn't like or If you have any suggestions, comments, requests, issues, please do share! Cheers, Aniket
Pretty helpfull to have a consolidated list
@swati_longia_raina Thanks for the upvote, I am glad you liked it. Many thanks for downloading the app. Cheers, Aniket
Great job!! 😊 Does this cater to Indian Audiences?
@ayush_chandra Yes it does! Cheers, Aniket Kudale
Would love to access the content, but apparently it’s an Android app. Make it a website 🙏