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Konf is the virtual conference platform for planning and running events with a focus on networking and social connection. An engaging experience, as simple as clicking a button.
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Hi PH I'm Mat - Head of Ops at Konf :) Konf was founded by serial entrepreneurs Damien Tanner and Haje Kamps - environmentalists looking to solve the problem of excessive air travel by conference attendees. Then Covid-19 hit and, well, everything changed. Konf is focused on networking and driving new connections between attendees at virtual events. Events and conferences aren't simply about watching someone speak on-stage. They’re about the connections we make with other humans, bonding over a shared goal or topic. Konf is a *serendipity engine* - bringing people together through technology. The product is a full end-to-end platform, including ticketing, video delivery, a comprehensive speaker and attendee experience, and the tools organizers need to deliver successful events. Let us know if you have questions for the founders or want to give the platform a spin!
So, what makes this different compared to other video-conferencing/virtual-event platforms is that it's easier for attendees and speakers to network with each other, right?
@anna_0x Joining the question. Also - would like to see a demo of how the product works (what features exist and what features don't)
@anna_0x Hi Anna! So sorry for the slow reply! You are correct - the point is the networking; mostly between attendees. We're working to replicate the experience of serendipity at conferences, putting people with the same interests in touch with each other in a way that other platforms cannot do.
@pinter69 Hi Peter! Thanks for getting in touch - and apologies for being slow in getting back to you. We'd love to give you a demo - the best thing to do would be to complete our 'Request a Demo' form and we'll be in touch right away! https://konf.typeform.com/to/nmWawu
Looks damn nice! Setting up a test later. Why no monthly pricing?
@pointandstare Hi Lee - great to hear you're setting up a test (and apologies for being so slow in getting back to you.) The reason we don't offer monthly pricing is that, as an attendee-focused platform, our packages are based on purchasing a number of attendee credits, that can be used across an unlimited number of events and sessions. Therefore monthly pricing wouldn't make sense, as each month you are likely to have credits remaining for your upcoming events. Please feel free to book in a demo call with our sales team if you have further questions! https://konf.typeform.com/to/nmWawu