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This is desperately what the Apple watch and other smart watches need.
Hi everyone! I'm the CEO of Konekt. Thanks for the support here and couldn't agree with @BlendahTom more! But you know whats even cooler than cell enabled smart watches? We're building a tweeting lawn gnome using the Konekt platform (http://drp.io/afu/caG/-/-). Soon we will send it across the country to see if we can get it from New York to San Francisco just by having it issue commands to whoever comes across it. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any projects that we can help power; from lawn gnomes to smart grid sensors we're here to help :)
@bforgan Thanks Benjamin! .. would love to hear how you and team started out on this product and where you see it going?
@BlendahTom we started on this after realizing how incredibly difficult is can be (from a carrier negotiation side and a tech side) to integrate cellular connectivity into connected devices. We are excited about simplifying the process and add additional services and integrations to make it even easily to build products with cellular. Also we are at work on some top secret next ten connectivity technologies, but more on that later ;)