Code of conduct for events & conferences made easy

A simple way for event organizers to generate a code of conduct and handle event policy violation reports. Our widget lets event attendees easily report eventual incidents and policy violations, all to make events and conferences enjoyable for everyone.
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Norah Klintberg Sakal
Konduct making incident reports simple
A high school student pitching her startup on stage at a conference received this text from a middle-aged event attendee; "Hey! Nice to meet you at Demo Day today. It was fun to see how creative you were with your concept. You were really sexy in your apron ;) I will try to remember some tips and info to tomorrow. Complain if I happen to forget :P Talk later!" This keeps happening because 1) Conferences rarely have a stated code of conduct and 2) Even when they do, they rarely have a process for filing or receiving reports on event policy violations; I felt that something had to be done - so I built Konduct. Konduct is a platform where event/conference/meetup/workshop/you name it-organizers easily can 1) generate a thoughtful and well-prepared code of conduct and hosted policy site, and at the same time 2) generate a website report widget that can be used anywhere on the organizer's event site where attendees quickly can report any event policy violations It's simple, event organizers get 1) a site (https://konduct.co/your-event-name) and 2) a code snippet for the Konduct widget, which is a floating "Report incident"-button ready to embed on their own event site All (eventual) event policy violation reports are saved and visible on the event organizers dashboard, ready for follow-up according to the reporters choice. Want to test out the service? File a (test) report on konduct.co with your email and receive an example of how the report looks like for both the event organizer and the event attendee. Want to see an example of how a code of conduct might look like? Visit konduct.co/my-event-2020 I built Konduct because I genuinely believe that there has to be a change, all events should; 1) Have an explicit code of conduct 2) Upon eventual event policy violations, event attendees need a clear and easy way to create a report for the incident This is a soft launch and we'd love your feedback!