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One reason even great user experience designers end up shipping sub-par results is because it is a lot of work to demo concepts, to gather feedback and to analyze the results. Often the people you are designing for aren't even easy to reach in the first place or don't have much time to meet up in person. It's complicated. 😬😲😭 Koncept is a very well polished way to collect feedback through usability testing. Makes you wonder how we all did this years ago without going insane. 😅🎨
@__tosh Thanks for hunting, words are right to the spot! We started this from our own pain lacking the interactivity from existing tools and to speed up usability testing process! Looking forward helping others now as well!
Is this only for apps? Or will it work for desktop websites prototypes too?
@ross_davies it started from apps, but there is no limit for the screen size. Since we try to provide as realistic user experience as possible we provide couple of popular mobile screen sizes and a desktop option. You need to design in the target resolution and we take care to scale the things properly on the player itself (if you do a mobile bookmark it will behave like a native app). ScreenShot of our project creation dialog options http://bit.ly/koncept-project-cr...
Hey this looks interesting. But not free plan to evaluate it?
@pixelogik No, but we give 30 day money back guarantee, so you can cancel at any time. This is the decision that we made to attract people that will really use their time to get the most out of the service. And when you commit some funds you commit yourself doing the best (think of it as paying for the gym membership). But here you have the ability to quit if you don't like it and to get all of your money refunded. We just want you more committed at start and then we will work together to help you use the most of the service and help you with your UX needs.
@zilet Valid point. This way your database does not get filled with thousands of zombie users and projects.
@zilet As a friend I owe it to you to be honest and I have to admit that I think @pixelogik is right. All the products I pay for now (Invision, Flinto, Zeplin, Principle) I pay for because I started using them on a free trial basis, found myself dependent on them, and got hooked! With a product that asks for money up front, I usually don't bother because there is way too much friction/work to get started and it's impossible for me to evaluate it against other tools in the market without actually using it. But hey, maybe I'm wrong. A/B test it and let me know :P
@taliban @pixelogik Very true, but with all that options you start by signing up everywhere and then have some trial that is sitting there, and since you did not put enough commitment upfront it just sits there, spams you with some emails and at the end you forget about it. Right? And as always testing is the key.. At this moment we are not ready to support trial users in getting them to use the maximum potential, but we may be in the feature. Thanks for great feedback! And as well we are prepping a special plan for the lovely product hunt ppl, just need to reconfigure some things on the backend, so stay tuned ;)
@zilet @pixelogik On the contrary -- I usually want to try it out as soon as I sign up, but with as little friction as possible (asking for email/PW is okay, but payment info already? No way. Money aside, it's just way too much work to do when I just want to play with the app). And if I find the product useful or if it seems like it may be promising in the future, and the emails sent from the company are high-value, they encourage me to go back even if not immediately. For example, there was one day I was desperate to find a prototyping tool that was more flexible than Invision in order to present a complex animation to our developers, and so I signed up for free trials of Flinto, Principle, Marvel, Atomic, Proto.io and a bunch of others and tried them all out within a few hours that same day. I was able to get the animation up and running on both Flinto and Principle that day without too much work, so I've been using them since and have converted to a paying customer so I can store more than just one or two prototypes on my account. Same goes for Zeplin. I had downloaded Avocode and tried it immediately, but found it a bit clunky and I was pretty busy that day so I forgot about it. They did NOT send me many emails encouraging me to come back, which IMO was a mistake on their part because I then completely forgot about it. However, a few weeks later I heard about Zeplin, and within 3 minutes I had signed up and uploaded a Sketch file just to see how it could work for us. The instant gratification was really powerful, and within 10 minutes I already had two other people on my team signed up and using it. By that point, I was already really invested, so when I reached my max # of screens there a few weeks later I didn't even think twice before signing up for a paid plan. Also, they sent me an email every week or two whenever they released new features, which were very often features I had myself been asking them for, so I now feel enough of a sense of loyalty to them to upgrade to a bigger plan that I might not have considered otherwise.
would be really cool if to create funnels for task completion
Check out: GazeRecorder WebCam Eye Tracking for usability testing https://sourceforge.net/projects...