Kompito | Todo Messenger

A messenger to send/receive todos

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Kompito lets you send todos like messages. We call it a todo messenger and it is as easy to use as any other text messenger.

Instead of sending a text, you send a todo form with all relevant todo information (What to do, When, Where and Who wants the todo to be done).



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Philip@captnphilip · CEO & Founder of RecurPal
what makes this different from Azha? http://www.azha.io/
Nicolas Thiery
Nicolas ThieryMaker@nicolas_thiery · CEO / Kompito
@captnphilip hey phillip, in this example, i'd like to point out two major differences: 1. we don't enable text communication. thats means, that you basically send todos between each other in kompito, but don't end up in a chat conversation, like in azha. the todos you send are a todo form, and always contain the essential information of the task. 2. you can imagine the kompito platform like email communication. user have a kompito address and you can send them a todo. preventing spam and unwelcomed todos, we have our technologies (prioritisation/limited inbox).