Community response for at risk groups

Komak is an app that connects volunteers with people at risk of COVID-19 nearby through the use of geolocation.
- Volunteer to do groceries or other day to day tasks
- Get the help that you need and stay isolated
- Organize your volunteers easily.
Stay safe!
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone, A friend of mine has been working on something really cool and I want to share it with you guys. Komak.io is an open-source, non-profit initiative started by my friend and two of his colleagues. They’re all young professionals living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Komak’s journey started a month ago and now they’re finally ready to share it with the world. We’ve all seen how volunteer groups have been showing up everywhere, helping out the elderly or the ones in risk groups with their groceries, going to the pharmacy, etc. Community response has been amazing in our joint fight against COVID-19. The issue with these initiatives, however, is the fact that they’re not scalable and that they’re difficult to organize in terms of matching and deployment of resources. Komak is looking to solve that through geolocation services. Volunteers download and sign up into the app. People in need send out a request for help as soon as they need it, via the app or a web form on Komak.io’s website. As soon as a request is received, it gets deployed to nearby volunteers, which can then accept or decline the request. The app is built both for private individuals willing to help out and existing volunteer groups. I’m sure the makers of this app would like to hear your feedback and see as many of you signing up as volunteers and spreading the word so that it reaches the ones most in need. Stay safe!
I highly recommend using Komak! Its such a smart and easy to use app. I signed up as a volunteer and if anyone needs help is in my area, I can see their request! It's a great way to give back to your community.
@kelley_reynolds1 Hey Kelley! Thank you for the kind words and for signing up! People like you make our app work and we're thankful for each volunteer that we have on the platform 🙌
The makers behind this are totally awesome and have a lot of SaaS experience. Big props from both a technical point of view but also social considering the times we find ourselves in.
@followthemartin Hey Martin! Thank you for your kind words 🙏
Looks great! I'm glad I encouraged Dragoș to launch it on PH. Hope it gets the traction it deserves, because no matter how long the covid lasts, there will always be people at risk of something and volunteers willing to help.
@andrei_popa33 Thanks again for suggesting it, Andrei! You're completely right, we're definitely going to support this going past COVID-19. There are vulnerable people in our society at all times, and we aim to provide a platform for stronger communities and making sure people the get help that they need at all times!
Hey there hunters, I'm Dragos, one of the makers of Komak.io. This all started about a month back to the day. One if my neighbors printed an A4 piece of paper and placed it on the outside of their door. It read: "Hey neighbors, we're 3 young adults that are not in the risk groups for COVID-19. If you are in need of help with groceries, we'd like to help you stay isolated. Call us or write an email for us to help". I thought it's a fantastic idea, and when I started checking online platforms, I've noticed a lot of these initiatives organizing themselves on Fb groups, whatsapp groups or offline. While I believe it's an amazing initiative, I could see issues with scaling it up and minimizing movement, which is a big part of it. I wanted to build a platform to solve this issue by the use of geolocation, and took my idea to Theo and Ali, the "tech" guys. They told me it can be built in a few weeks, so here it is! Our app aims to help: - People in need stay isolated - Healthy adults that want to help out - Existing initiatives that already do what we're facilitating. Now more than ever we need to show empathy and solidarity. There are people around us that are vulnerable. Do YOU know if your neighbors are ok? Do you know if they can use some assistance? Let's all come together to protect those most in need in these trying times. Curious to see what everyone on PH thinks about our app. I'll be here to answer any and all questions. Stay safe!