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TL;DR (as suggested by @jonnotie, I can get carried away in my enthusiasm!): From now on you can easily pull in music from the music web! Some more about how we got here: Our goal of kollekt.fm has always been to create a community of great curators that inspire the world with their taste. Now obviously that requires a connection between music platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud and others. Many music platforms do that nowadays, but we want to take things to the next level by allowing people to not only pull in content from platforms, but also to pull in music data from places like blogs and social media. More importantly, we want to allow people to group these sources in a way that suits their needs the most. Because even though it might make sense to create preselected combinations of sources to serve content easily, we feel that real music enthusiasts need something they can tailor to their current behaviour. Therefore we are happy to announce Feeds! Collections are part of our free web app and with it, people can collect both sources where music is hosted (like YouTube, Soundcloud etc.) and posted (e.g. Facebook, blogs, etc.) in one list, giving them an instant overview of what’s happening on these sources every time they log in. Perhaps this 3-minute explainer makes it easier to understand how it all works!
As far as we know, this is the first time that people can connect and combine multiple music sources across the web in a way that really fits their specific music discovery routine (instead of having to settle with a selection made by someone else). It does for music what RSS does for articles. We only provide you with an ever up-to-date overview of what’s happening on the blogs, social media and platforms you care about. We want to do for the entire music web what HypeMachine and Shuffler.fm did for music blogs. Obviously, this is still an early version so we can see how the concept lands with music lovers worldwide. Sources available are Facebook pages & groups, YouTube channels & playlists as well as blogs and of course kollekt.fm playlists. Be smart, and leverage the power of our community of curators ;-). For now you can pull in music, but we're seriously thinking of expanding to contextual music content (tour dates, information about artists etc.). Possible next steps are channels Soundcloud (such as playlists and more). And after that? Well we’d love to discuss that with you :) There are a lot of sources to connect and commands to be made, but before we plunge down the rabbit hole we’d love to see some input from true music lovers about how we can make this thing even more unique. Happy to answer any questions, looking forward to the insights from the PH community!
@juliangijsen Woah! Let's start doing TL:DR's :P
Update looks pretty smooth guys. And feeds is sweet! Is there a way I can do a full screen mode of the videos I play, and if there's no vid available, that you show the beautiful images. This would be great for home parties + chromecast.
@milann good suggestion, thanks! The fullscreen-thing for video's we get more often, will push that to the backlog ;-)
@milann You can double click the video :)
Kollekt.fm is slowly but surely pushing Spotify to the background for me. First time in years that I'm rethinking my premium subscription.. I discovered so many great hidden gems just browsing through the different playlists and doing some random searches. Also, it's really fun when you notice that people actually like and follow playlists you've created. I believe that this is something that YT, Soundcloud & Spotify just haven't fully figured out yet. Good luck guys!
Kollekt.fm is amazing. I've been using it with a few friends for a very long time already and it's almost 100% certain that Kollekt.fm has a role when we meet up.
@daveyheuser thanks a bunch Davey, great to see Iconjar is getting picked up so well here too! You've worked hard for it, well deserved :)
Great job! Would love to see a playlist widget to embed on sites!
@dapvincent hi Vincent! We actually have one - if you go to a playlist and click on the three dots you can choose to share it! Or did you mean you'd like to share a feed on a website?
@juliangijsen The iframe is a good first step, but I meant more along the lines of basically taking your bottom player and embedding that on my site. Clicking the menu button on the bottom will display your branding, playlist order, etc.
@dapvincent interesting thought - will discuss that within the team!