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JulianMaker@juliangijsen · Co-founder & CEO of kollekt.fm
My co-founders and I met each other through music on the internet a couple of years back on fora where people curated music for each other. We saw how incredibly powerful this was and wanted to create a place where people can inspire each other with their music taste. So we built kollekt.fm! After a while though we found out that kollekt.fm as a network was great, but it needed more people who are really into music. We found out we’d built the multiplayer first, forgetting about the single player. That’s why last week we’ve launched Collections; the world’s first IFTTT for music. It’s our power-feature, one that allows any person who is really into music to make combinations of music sources they feel belong together in one automated list. That list then gives you all the updates happening on those sources so you’re always up to date! We feel this is a very powerful thing because the combinations you can make are endless. We welcome your input on how we can make kollekt.fm and collections even more powerful!