A personal stylist for your walls. Become an art collector

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similar to Arthena. @rrhoover you might like this
@_jacksmith you are correct, Jack. This is rad and I like their blog, http://shitthatscool.artkollecto.... (they didn't censor themselves, @willimholte!). cc Electric Object's @jrlevine, who might also dig this.
@rrhoover : @TaraReed_ has access to comment, so is available to answer any qs
@rrhoover hey Ryan- love how supportive you are of art startups. Have you ever bought a piece of art?
@TaraReed_ I bought a wood cut Space Invaders piece of art once but that's probably the only legitimate thing I've purchased. I'm an art newb. :)
@rrhoover bah humbug! The URL isn't, but the header on the page is. Regardless, this seems like a pretty cool service, I know a lot of my friends would have enjoyed being advisors or selling their work—many of them were bad at selling work.
Very cool. People ask me to help them find art for their walls all the time but I don't usually do it. i'm very happy to see this service. I think the monthly subscription and a relationship with the art hunter is absolutely the right way to go but it will be interesting to see if people who are not yet collecting art understand and/or value that. Wishing this project much luck.
Thanks for the love everyone! Shoot me an email if you want learn more about how we can upgrade your walls!! tara [at] artkollecto
@ccarella - are you an art collector or do your friends just know you have great taste?
@TaraReed_ I collect art! Largely Urban Contemporary Art but I'm branching out!
@ccarella love it! maybe you can be a specialized art advisor ;)
Really like the idea of getting help finding art for my home - this is a real problem that I'd be willing to spend a decent amount of money on. Not being an expert, spending time looking about for art has felt like a fruitless time suck. However, even caring about this stuff, and even with my partner and I both working in tech making decent money, it feels expensive to be paying for this service on an ongoing basis. I'd love to be matched* with art and pay a finder's fee for things I like. I can easily imagine paying $50-100 on top of a piece costing $1000. Would also like this for furniture and other house stuff :) * matching based on the size of some available spaces I have in my house and preferences for subject matter / coloring / price / ?.
@kgdavis Hey Kevin- Once you sign up, we'll have you specify subjects, color, price...anything. You can also video chat with your Advisor who is a real person working for you I personally like having my advisor look on my behalf, even when I'm not looking. She's always attending art shows/fairs- a few months ago she emailed me (while visiting Senegal) with an amazing piece that I eventually bought. :) However, you can pause your monthly plan anytime (kind of like Blue Apron). I'd love to have you sign up & give us feedback http://www.artkollecto.com/#signup
@TaraReed_ gave you guys my email - looking forward to checking it out :)