Bookmarking and note taking. For free.

Kollate is a bookmarking and note taking tool. Think of it as a much better version of Pocket, Evernote, and Google Keep combined. This is the last personal knowledge management tool you will ever need. For free.
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Can't get it to save any articles. Using on Chrome. Also, the Chrome extension does nothing. No way to contact them. https://www.loom.com/share/d21a6...
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@joninsley Thank you! It is a very strange bug specific to this website that I just figured out. I will fix it by the end of the day today. In the mean time, it should work on other sites.
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@quantdaddy Great to hear. I'll try adding more this weekend.
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Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Will check it out
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@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush, would love to hear your feedback.
This looks cool and useful. One question, when writing notes why require users to explicitly save? With everything on the cloud these days I feel like most services have moved away from this, and it opens up the potential for lost work if a user forgets...
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@golear Thanks Gabe! The note does autosave every 15 seconds. Also, if you close the note without saving, it will autosave before closing (unless there is a bug!). Please let me know if didn't save it for you. Thanks again, really appreciate the feedback!
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@quantdaddy gotcha, that is nice. This begs the question of why there is a save button featured so prominently if it's not necessary? I think this will confuse users (as it did to me).
@golear That's a good point. I'll do something about it in the next update. Thank you!
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Exactly what I need to organise my reading list


Reading statuses and priorities. The design is pretty.


Lack of mobile applications and new tab extension would be useful

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Great application and very useful. I wish if it could be a standalone mobile app like Evernote and Keep.
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@mikhilpal Thank you Mikhil! I do have plans to work on the mobile version soon. Please let me know if you have any feedback or see any bugs. Cheers.