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#3 Product of the DayApril 27, 2014
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I've tried a number of these services: this is the first one that actually *works*. It consistently sends me an email with great links that I missed from my friends' Twitter streams. Really valuable service from @mattantwest
I'm a kojitsuka too and I love it! As @mijustin said, the daily summary of links sent by email is a really neat feature. Highly recommended.
I subscribe to Nuzzel which sends a daily email with the top links shared from people I follow on Twitter. This looks similar but it's unclear how Kojitsu measures quality.
Thanks everyone! :) @rrhoover Kojitsu uses a number of different signals for ranking links. Some of these include: - The number of people that have shared the link (friends of the user and in total across the Kojitsu network) - Total clicks on a link across the Kojitsu network. - Reputation of the link host (i.e. bbc.co.uk).
@MattAntWest - nice, thanks for clarifying. Funny, I see this Product Hunt page on the top of the list on your homepage right now. Did you do that manually? If so, well played, sir. Well played. :)