Mint + Venmo + Digit in one app

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Thanks @spencerchen. Hey PH'rs! Thanks for checking out Koho. We built Koho because we think accessing your money should be smart, simple & free. What we do: All the core things: Direct deposit, bill pay, 8,000 ATMs, E-transfers etc (fee-free). + Automating savings goals + Real time updates and insights into your spending behaviour + Live chat & support + Automatic categorization Lauren, our PM, and I (CEO) will be around all day to answer any of your questions.
Koho is awesome! It's just like a regular credit card, but gives way more feedback on what I'm spending money on and how my daily spending effects my longer term goals. That, and I don't have to pay all those BS bank fees...
For me, Koho is a prepaid credit card that I get to know the balance of right away. That's gold! Been using it for a couple months and just love it.
Is there a plan for this to be added to the US Store? @danebs
@3raxton @danebs I'm with you. I can't use it / test it since there is no American access @lauren_bates ... also are there plans for visa card access as well? similar to simple? THAT would make me switch over immediately. that would be a true competitor to paypal as well.
@brucekraftjr @danebs @lauren_bates I'm on the same page - it would be worth the transition immediately if that was the case.
@3raxton @danebs Same Here!! US for sure.
@lukeeischen Opening up to a larger market as well as more users
@3raxton @lukeeischen This is great gents. We're definitely working hard on adding credit. We know it's important. The US is still an open question for us!
I've been traveling back and forth from the US to Canada the past 2 years and came across Koho from a VC friend that got me into their beta program. I use it tons for personal expenses in both Canada and in the US. It's great, basically what I used to get with 3+ apps, now I get it all in one app. Also, it saves tons of fees when I'm doing P2P payments with friends. In Canada, there's still no Venmo or Square Cash...there's only Interac e-Transfer that charges $1.50 per payment ๐Ÿ˜ซ The instant feeds/receipts are great and the Mint-like features are super-useful. Haven't really tried the spending/savings goals feature yet. One of the few fintech apps that I've actually stuck with. Great start ๐Ÿ‘
@spencerchen It's so annoying. A few banks don't charge for interac etransfer but most do.
@scotty_mcq It's amazing that people will pay $1.50 to pay someone back for a $20 dinner. It is SO annoying.