A piggybank to discover the arctic in augmented reality

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Pierre A
Pierre AMaker@wat1337 · Designer - Products & Games
Hi everyone, big thanks to @Clemkn for adding us here, it was both unexpected and exciting ! In a few words, Koguma is a polar bear shaped, ethically made piggybank, with an app called Icecap, that reveals the arctic around Koguma in augmented reality. Icecap also allows for direct donation to the wildlife conservation programs of our partner the IUCN. It's crowdfunfing right now on kickstarter, going steadily at 30% of our goal with 27 solid days left ! It is made in a 100% biodegradable version of acetate cellulose, a material usualy used for glasses frames. Koguma really reflects what we try to do at Coq En Pâte : 1 Creative, well designed and good quality products 2 Tell important stories to kids and adults 3 Stick to high ethical standards Koguma is made in partnership with the IUCN, the largest conservation organization in the world. Real conservationists are mostly scientists, and we don't hear from them much - very few people know about IUCN, but everybody knows about WWF or Sea Shepherd. However this century old, 12000 minds strong organization has the longterm, eagle-eye vision that's needed to tackle conservation issues at a global scale, and we're trying to help them convey their message with everyday products, that reflect the solutions they promote while being good quality, well designed products. Working with them also allows us to talk about the thousands of solutions that exist to reduce biodiversity meltdown, and have a very optimistic, constructive approach to ecology, and that's exactly what Icecap will be about. We've designed our rewards as a design & ethical christmas list, I hope you'll enjoy them - some of our partners have put amazing rewards (Mibo, Vincent Munier, even a trip to Madagascar to stay in the Lemurs program with SOS - sold out !). Please checkout our campaign video, if you have any feedback regarding the campaign or the project, it will be greatly appreciated, I want to work on clarifying it, showcasing our team more, and improving the visuals we have on Koguma ASAP. You can get in touch directly with me on twitter @wat1337
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Makerpad.co
@wat1337 - Pierre, would love to hear the story behind this :)
Vinay Hiremath
Vinay HiremathHiring@vhmth · Founder & Head of Engineering @ Loom
I love this comeback of geometric shapes and animals. I remember coming across this site a little while back and being blown away. I think you would enjoy it: http://species-in-pieces.com/
Pierre A
Pierre AMaker@wat1337 · Designer - Products & Games
Yes absolutely - I got in touch with Brian James when first looking for ways to adapt the artstyle of our illustrator Mibo to the AR animals of Icecap (Koguma was designed by a japanese papercraft artist, we barely touched the original design) But even though the motion design is really great and the whole website concept works perfectly with it, the animals themselves are flat designs, so we turned to the work of Wolfram Kampffmeyer for inspiration. I love it, check it out : http://www.paperwolf.de
Pierre A
Pierre AMaker@wat1337 · Designer - Products & Games
Hey there, Koguma is 90% funded and still has two days to go, please support us and share our campaign ! <3 http://kck.st/1MkNW1T