A personal music streaming server that works

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This is so cool.! Perhaps a auto-installer for Heroku will make it easy for several people ;)
I think this has huge demand and potential. There are many music lovers who don't want to be bound to a streaming provider catalog and want to listen to music they paid for. There are some pieces missing in the puzzle - cloud installer, mobile apps, and more - but I think this is a good step forward. Good luck!
I've been using Spotify for a number of years now, and get pretty good use out of it (according to my Year in music 2015, i listened to 53000 minutes). Koel definitely looks like it's got some legs to give Spotify a run for its money, so i will be installing it when i get home tonight :D I just need an Android App and then i can replace Spotify completely.
Very cool Project! Because of the API it should not be hard to create a desktop application with electron for example. You could even copy paste most of the vuejs stuff.
I'm curious how much something like this would actually end up costing a month. It's hard to get a server with the 50 - 60GB+ that is actually cost effective.
@jay_hoffmann wouldn't you run it from a a home desktop server. Shudnt need cloud servers