Much more than a modern app creator without coding

Kodular (formerly Makeroid) is an online suite for mobile app development. It mainly provides a free drag-and-drop Android app creator without coding, based on MIT AppInventor. It brings lots of new features like new components and blocks. It also provides a free online app store to share and distribute apps and an extensions IDE for advanced users

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We are all teenagers with something in common: we like Internet. One day, we all met and decided to start something great, something big. That is how Kodular (formerly known as Makeroid) was born. It is now a Dutch company, and each day more than 600,000 unique users use an app made with Kodular. Feel free to post us any questions about us here!
@barreeeiroo How does this compare to Thunkable?
@betterproductco Kodular brings much more new features compared to Thunkable. Kodular Creator has more than 155 components, whereas Thunkable has 83. Morever, Thunkable Classic (MIT App Inventor version) has been deprecated and its development will cease in a few months. Kodular Creator also brings a completely redesigned interface, and some of the most wanted features in App Inventor. Just login to our Creator and you will see instantly the number of new features.
@barreeeiroo Got it. I only see Android mentioned. Any plans for iOS support soon? Also, has anybody connected a Kodular app to a backend built on Bubble.is?
@betterproductco Our focus at this moment is Android. However, as soon as MIT App Inventor brings the iOS version we will integrate it.