Build powerful iOS apps on your iPad with no code.

#2 Product of the DayOctober 13, 2019
A no code option for building even the most complex iOS apps, all on an iPad. Drag and drop code blocks. Create responsive UI. Even connect to your server via REST API. πŸŽ‰
Available now on iPadOS. Coming soon to macOS. πŸ’»
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I'm a huge fan of no-code​/low code options, especially ones that allow you to create useful and unique applications. I gave Kodika.io a try and it's definitely a powerful builder with a ton of great features. I definitely plan on putting it to work once it's on macOS.
This looks pretty solid but why on earth would you start with the Ipad lol?
@emmanuel_kaska definitely a question for the maker @kostas_antonopoulos. πŸ‘
@emmanuel_kaska Thanks for the interesting question that I hear a lot. The reason for the iPad first approach is that we wanted to have the Live Preview feature. In Kodika, user is able to see exactly how the app will look in the iOS because our Live preview is an actual iOS Simulator, something not possible when you develop in a different platform(Mac,Web). Also, because of the technology we have developed, user is able to develop in the iPad and preview it live in an iPhone without the need of a build/release/compile. Finally, because of the framework Apple developed (Mac Catalyst) we are able to release a Mac app using our iPad codebase, which will happen in the next weeks, so we have common codebase for both Mac and iPad.
Hey everyone, I am Kostas, founder of Kodika.io and iOS Developer for over 10 years. Thanks @brendanciccone for the hunt! We are really excited to show what we've been working on for over 2 years now. Kodika.io is an iPad application, soon coming to Mac as well πŸ₯ (keep an eye for it in the next weeks)πŸ₯ , which allows anyone to develop a mobile application (currently only iOS) fast and without the need for mobile programming knowledge. The user can design, prototype, program, test, and then release, all from inside the Kodika app. Here are some highlights: β€’ Responsive Design Editor - Drag and Drop any native iOS design component. - Customize everything using Inspectors. No coding skills required. - Instantly preview your changes. - Use Pins and Advanced Constraints to create Responsive designs for every iPhone Device. β€’ Import Screens from Zeplin.io - Import entire screens using our Zeplin Extension - Transform Groups to Buttons, TextFields, and other Design Elements. β€’ Code Blocks - Combine easy-to-use code blocks to create your apps. - Search between hundreds of code blocks using Kodika's unique blocks search. - Connect your design elements and code blocks with just a tap. β€’ REST API - Import your REST API Endpoints and use them with just a block. - Support any request type (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH) and parameter type (query, path, body, header). β€’ Live Preview on any device - Instant preview your apps in Kodika's simulator or use Kodika's iPhone app to run your apps directly to your phone. No compile needed! β€’ Support for Custom Fonts β€’ Enable Push Notifications in 10 minutes. Finally, I would like to inform you about our Lifetime Subscription Deal that is on at the moment for our Early Adopters! It is less than our Annual Subscription, and it will also work for the Mac version ;) Lifetime subscription is available as In-App Purchase in the Kodika iPad app, but we can for sure facilitate it for everyone not having an iPad by sending us an email at team@kodika.io ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edit/Update: We received numerous requests for our Lifetime subscription package, which was not available to purchase on a Mac. It was only for sale via in-app purchases on iOS. For that reason we will soon be sending out an instructions letter, on how to purchase a Lifetime subscription via your Mac. To receive the instructions, please sign up to our MacOS list by clicking 'Get Notified - Mac App Store' on our website. Thank you for your support, your feedback matters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
@kostas_antonopoulos where is the lifetime subscription deal? I can't see it! I actually don't have an iPad, but might be nice for when the Mac version will come out
@mrdobelina It is available as In-App Purchase in the Kodika iPad app, but we can for sure facilitate it for everyone not having an iPad by sending us an email at team@kodika.io
@kostas_antonopoulos this looks like a super cool product. How long will the lifetime subscription be available for? And when will in-app purchases be available?
@shaun_kelleher1 In-App Purchases are already available in the Kodika iPad app. The lifetime subscription deal Is active at the moment(either in the iPad app or by sending us an email), and it will continue for some weeks as a big thank you to our Early Adopters.
@kostas_antonopoulos just to be clear I mean in-app purchases as a feature of our own apps. The website says it’s coming soon.
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Evidently if you aren't logged in, Product Hunt doesn't save the long review you wrote when it prompts you to login and brings you back to the product. So here is much shorter version. Looks very powerful after a quick review. This is not for people without coding experience, but it could be as a learning tool. You have to understand coding concepts in order to use it proficiently. My partners and I owned coding camps for kids for a few years and this would have been a very powerful way to build out curriculum. If you want to attract the market of no code experience, then I would offer an actual tutorial that walks you though coding concepts and actually creates an app. That said, for coders, this could be a powerful time saver with the capabilities that are built in. I like the pricing model. Good for your business and good for users if they get unlimited apps. Definitely want to see a Mac version.
@clickbrain Thanks for your nice words! We are constantly creating new wizards and tools that make the coding easier. For example, our next release will have a wizard that the user will be able to connect API response directly to a List or Grid View with 3 taps! Also, we are in the process of creating video tutorials for no coders that will demonstrate both coding concepts and Kodika Features.
@kostas_antonopoulos That sounds like great moves. I think there is a strong market for existing coders that want to move faster as well as newbies. I understand coding and I understand how to build, but I am not a coder beyond basic fundamentals in python, javascript, etc. Let me know when you come out with the new wizards and would be happy to be a tester. Have a few apps I would like to build, but don't have the time to learn the details of coding to make them a reality. This could be a great help.