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Kobo Audiobooks is a way to discover the art of being told a story. Listen to audiobooks from your favorite authors and narrators on the Kobo iOS and Android apps. Sign up for a free 30 day trial at kobo.com and let us know what you think.

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Hello PH, Our newest product is a natural evolution from the business we have spent the past 7 years building. At Kobo we love books, stories, learning, falling in love, escaping, exploring new worlds. We build for customers who value and cherish these experiences as much as we do. What we have delivered today is designed to address one of the biggest challenges our customers face, time. As our CEO has said, “audio lets you be in two places at once—exploring the galaxy on the daily commute, solving a crime while doing the laundry, or wherever you want your favorite story to take you.” Delighting customers if one of our core goals at Kobo. Help us by providing your feedback.
I'm getting Error 404 when I'm clicking the link to your website on this page. The URL is: https://www.kobo.com/in/en/audio...
@saifalfalah @andrew_bergson It's not yet available in all locations around the world. We hope to keep expanding!
@andrew_bergson @istaysearching Still, 404? A graceful message telling the same would have sufficed. It's in no way obvious that error 404 is due to it not being available in my country.
@andrew_bergson @istaysearching @saifalfalah Thank you for your feedback. We've logged it and are working on a better more graceful approach
I remember thinking about it a few years ago. I'm glad that you did.
Neat! Love the project. I’m curious to know what differentiates you from, let’s say, audible?
@bradford_wolf Here are a few of the major differentiators worth noting. - We offer a singular app for ebooks and audiobooks. We felt this was important to our customers. We believe a story is a story, read or listened to and wanted our experience to reflect that. - Our player is quite beautiful and offers a simplified navigation experience. While everyone is using the minimalist scrubber we've all grown up with, we wanted to make it easier and faster for customers to find a specific spot in their audiobook. To accomplish this we made the scrubbing area much larger, the movement is much more granular and responds/accelerates differently depending on how much force you swipe with. A small swipe may get you forward a few seconds while a forceful swipe may move your forward or backwards an hour. And my favorite part, the breadcrumb that we drop every time you start navigating. This makes it very easy to get back to where you started from. If you're trying to navigate and audiobook while being active like running or driving, the larger area means you can continue to focus on your main activity rather than change focus to your phone. As much as we love watching videos of people falling on the treadmill, we wanted to solve one of the contributing factors. - Kobo offers a great loyalty program called Super Points. Customers earn points on every purchase. - Price. We are offering the best price in town. While not product related, it's the first thing we all look at when making a purchase decision. - Audio quality. Every one of our titles has been listened to by a human before it gets to our store to ensure the recording sounds great and that the chapter markers are in the right place.