Silk-Lined Jeans : like wearing silk pajamas 24/7

#4 Product of the DayJune 15, 2014
LOL at the tagline: "Business on the outside. Party on the inside." So it's like the mullet of jeans.
I've never understood how popular it is to do a jeans project on Kickstarter. I'd never back for jeans without trying them on first. (That said, this is making me want flannel lined jeans for the winter).
Daily dress is getting so casual we are trying to get as close to PJs as possible.
@ellenchisa, same idea here regarding the fit of the jeans. Silk on the inside of your jeans sounds brilliant nonetheless
Interesting! Would try a pair, but... 1) Slim fit? No thanks. How about boot cut or loose/baggy. 2) What's with the sizing? 38/32 is the biggest size? Where's the 6ft, 270lbs, linebacker size?