SaaS analytics for Stripe

Thanks for taking a look at my product! I made this to give businesses access to their metrics quickly and easily without having to spend a fortune or hours on a spreadsheet. We started building this for a different SaaS business but it quickly became clear that others could use it. The system is going to be centralised around forecasting the future of your company and allowing you to quickly act on changes. I would love to get some feedback from people about the software and anything that would make it better!
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Mitchell how is Koala different from the other tools in this space?
@lkr Laura, other products are focused on the idea of helping you stop MRR loss, whilst koala will help you do this in the same way we are far more focused on forecasting algorithms and predictions for the future of a company!
Looks nice, whats the difference with https://baremetrics.com/ ?
@deambulando firstly price, we thought the other options on the market are far too expensive! Not only that but we are looking to include a variety of extra forecasting methods.