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Thanks for posting Nathan. Yes, this is our 4th iteration, and the one that seems to have taken off with a global audience -- over half a million profiles made this weekend. What'd we do?: - Wrote a simplified personality generator based on the more than 5 million answers we've collected over 2 years that produces *accurate* results in about a minute. - Killed the native app and went mobile web - Designed a simple, beautiful, compelling way for people to show "this is who I am" - The social outpouring has been amazing: For us the amazing and gratifying thing to see is how many users say Knozen is accurate. We've known that an accurate personality engine was core to our success, and seeing this validation from the global audience is awesome. - We even have fan art starting to appear from our users: Happy to answer questions!
@cenedella Hello Marc, I have been following knozen for a while, and noticed you pivoted a couple of times. You started as a Give feedbacks to coworkers, then pivoted to giving feedbacks to friends. After that you pivoted to a kind of game about answering questions about people you don't know and see if the answer is correct, and now you pivoted as a personality test. In the first two 'versions' of knozen, there was a common pattern: getting your personality based on what people close to you think and observe about you. However in this new version, I don't see how you differentiate yourself from other services such as talentoday to mention one. Would be awesome to hear your take on this and get some insight about the future of knozen. Thanks!
@cenedella Beautifully done! I'm interested in the methodology; other than qualitative feedback (albeit from a lot of people), do you base the "accuracy" claim on anything quantitative?
@itamarro personality is a social metric -- you can only be patient or impatient relative to a group of other human beings. Put in a society of two-year-olds, you're the most patient. Same person in a society of Spock-like Vulcans would be viewed as impetuous and rash. So the accuracy comes from running large question sets across tremendous numbers of people -- we asked more people, more about their personalities and perceptions, than any other institution on the planet last year.
@cenedella Thank you for elaborating!
Don't like the "Aggressive" part haha. Apparently these are my results:
@bentossell You should patiently show us how confident you are with your body image, because you are so caring of our happiness. Especially since we know that you are outgoing and random. But, don't be aggressive while doing so. ;)
Really love this kind of stuff, great job on the design and the algorithm! One thing that kind of bothers me is the constant feedback every time I hit "yes" or "no" of a trait going up or down. I've noticed that depending on one answer, if "Aggressive" goes up, I'll be more biased and careful on what to choose next and maybe choose something that's not necessarily accurate just to not to get the flaring purple "Aggressive" with a little upwards arrow. I'd say make it more subtle that traits are changing or give feedback every 3-5 questions. Just saw Ben's answer of "Don't like the "Aggressive" part haha." Goes with that I'm saying essentially.
@pablosmith_ Thanks Pablo. This was definitely one of the biggest risks we took! There's a complete trade-off between instant feedback and the more traditional, find out your results later method. We decided to go with instant feedback because we felt people wanted to see that their votes were having impact right away. I have to admit that I too, found it jarring at first to see the instant feedback. Would love to hear your thoughts after you have a couple days to sit with the product.
@cenedella I don't think it's necessarily THAT black and white though. What bothered me was not the instant feedback, it was the UI/UX surrounding it. Maybe rather than showing a big text in the center and changing colors, make it a bit more subtle (to the right of the question if the trait goes up (since checkmark is on the right) and to the left of the question if the trait goes down (since "x" is on the left)) but still using the fade animation with white text + icon. Does that make sense? :)
@pablosmith_ Thought the same thing. You can kind of guess what the question is asking. Also they are binary. Would be more interesting if you had choices. Instead of 'stay up all night' or not 'stay up all night or go to bed early' etc.
Here's mine: Right down the middle. I seem pretty bland. 😜
@rrhoover Hmm, I had always thought you were very outgoing... at least from what I have read of and from you. Hope you didn't change as being an extrovert can help entrepreneurs out big time! The patient, thoughtful and caring side is evident through your work in Product Hunt!
@dilyaraskar I'm an introverted extrovert. I'm very social but only in bursts and love my time alone. 😊
@rrhoover "I'm very social but only in bursts and love my time alone" Bro, this makes ya sound like an alcoholic haha. "I'm very social but only in bursts" = when I go out to a bar. "love my time alone" when you need to recover your hangover. But haha, it's good to have a combination of both, best of both worlds, they have their own respective pros and cons :)
@dilyaraskar LOL! I know a lot of introverts with similar characteristics. Unclear if they're alcoholics though. 😊
@rrhoover We're practically twinsies.
I was going to post this last week but the site was down, getting completely pounded with traffic. They've finally got it under control, and over half a million people created profiles this weekend! Check out some of the fan art: Anyway, I've posted probably 3 different iterations of Knozen to PH before, and it's really awesome to see this newest release hitting the sweet spot and getting some traction! Congrats to @cenedella and team!