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Hey there! I love this idea and what you guys have done thus far! Clean, professional and dependable aesthetics for the site! 2 questions. 1. How do you generate revenue if everything is safe? Do you sell our info? 2. I do not know why but, how do I know my login info is 100% safe and it won't be seen by your hackers or your company? I know you have an SSL but...
We have something similar in Denmark called Swipp, except that you don't need to log into your bank account completely, but simply use a mobile app instead to accept the payment. You can transfer to any merchant or person if you know their phone number (every person has this registered with their bank) or in the case of webshops you simply type in your own phone number and then the shop sends a payment request to your mobile which you can accept. Works with all banks in the country (except for one as they decided to make their own crappy system called MobilePay - it uses credit-card payment system as backend instead of bank account transfers)
Been following Knox for a while. Great product!
What's the difference between the plans Knox Secure and Knox Guarantee? There should be a tooltip in the signup page linking the customer to the types of plans and their costs. I have yet to find a page these are in Several problems in the signup page: - This - In that same page (selectbank.php), Login link links to and that obviously shouldn't be the case
Knox... As in Fort Knox? I get it and smart. I like the way they let you soft test it by donating a dollar. My question though is why would a store owner choose this (not meant in an antagonizing tone at all) when PayPal and venmo let you use bank accounts but also accept alternatives to make sure you don't lose a customer in case they aren't willing to use a bank account?
@josevieitez maybe for charities and stuff that only want to accept transfer methods without fees?