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It's an excellent artificial intelligence based tool to analyse your twitter engagement patterns. I do not know what algorithm @bevanbarton used but I tested it on two occasions based on my twitter persona, and on both occasions it came out I'd say fairly accurate on my big five personality traits. Definitely worth promoting, and I'd be interested to see how it stacks when it is tested by many individuals. My guess would be that it's prediction will improve. Quite an amazing product really. This is 'uncanny', some people may be nervous using it.
@arinbasu Thanks Arin! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I plan to add surveys to make the results more robust (and to add other metrics). Appreciate your feedback!
@bevanbarton This is serious AI stuff on mental health. It is reasonable that the report will get increasingly accurate over time as more people will test it, you may want to add a 'disclaimer' before anyone attempts to seek a report stating (something to the effect of) that, this is a machine generated report and you claim to have no inside knowledge on the personality trait of the person and make sure that people should not misuse this app. This app may turn out to be a very powerful app with implications for mental health of people.
As an early adopter of Peepeth - this maker's other product - has been on my radar for a while. I was psyched to check it out -- doing the virtual equivalent of standing outside the store waiting for official opening time. Now that it's launched and live... It was worth the wait! I'm a programmer myself, and I've played with A.I. content analysis tools before... this is nothing like those -- and I mean that in the best way possible. What sets apart is that there's tons of *comprehensible* information and fun, shareable info-graphics. is more in depth than those hundred-plus question personality "tests" - but there's no time commitment required for answering endless questionnaires. If you make more than $5 an hour, this just pencils out as the better deal. I manage a few online identities and this product is going to help me reflect on their tone and tailor their images. Well done, @bevanbarton
@callmegwei Thank you CMG! Appreciate the feedback. As someone who's taken long survey-based tests before, I agree they're a pain. I hope KnowYourself will make self-awareness more accessible, and more fun, for everyone.
My favourite part of is the word cloud image of my most used words. I was a beta user of and later a crowd fund supporter which this project came from. It was as I used Peepeth that I learnt to fully appreciate that my public words on social media could be analysed by advertisers, employers and governments. gives me the power to analyse my public posts for myself on platforms such as Twitter and Peepeth. Also to see how my messaging can change over time. Participating in the crowd funding campaign for Peepeth gave me credits for which I am enjoying trying out. My word cloud shows that auto posting things like the weather can dominate the words in my feed. As a long term user of Peepeth I got to know and become friends with @bevanbarton. He is a passionate maker. Pouring so much of his energy into making great products. I have loved using Peepeth and attending the retreat in Bali that @bevanbarton created. I recommend trying out and seeing what your public posts show about you and then feed that in to how you post in future. Looking forward to my word cloud on a coffee mug. (Hint: future feature?)
@abcoathup Thanks Andrew! Greatly appreciate your support and the Peepeth plug. +1 for the coffee mugs, that's on the list :)
Hey hunters! Did you know? With the right knowledge, anyone can infer your personality traits from your public social media posts. This has been known for years in academia and business, but until now this technology hasn't been available for people wanting to learn more about themselves. I built KnowYourself to help you understand yourself better and to have fun doing it. So, try it out and let me know what you think! One of the most fun parts of building KnowYourself was researching personality. I've included a lot of citations and links to articles in the report, and am in the process of writing up additional informational sections to explain key points. BACKSTORY: this was one feature announced during's crowdfunding campaign (thanks to all who supported!). is a blockchain-based social network based on mindful principles. KnowYourself also aims to have positive impact through social media: by helping people gain self-awareness, understand personality, and hopefully, have more empathy and understanding of others. What if it were common knowledge that our posts telegraph our personality? How might that change online discourse? I hope to find out! ps. The premium Twitter plan is free if you have over 100k Twitter followers!
@bevanbarton how can I take you up on the premium plan?
@chrismessina Sent! Thanks Chris!
Apparently I'm an open-minded curmudgeon?
@chrismessina Maybe I should add labels like that to the report :)