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Ben Werdmüller
Ben WerdmüllerMaker@benwerd · Director of Investments (SF), Matter
Hi there! CEO here. Happy to answer any questions! We're excited about Known Pro because it's one of the few tools that lets you truly own and move your data at any time - as well as being easy to use, mobile-first and a lot of fun. We also have a version of Known for universities, allowing them to give social websites to all their students.
Mick@gigamick · Co-Founder, Shiny Pixls
i don't generally believe that there are any stupid questions, but this may be one; why should I use "known" over something like Have I missed something? I've been through your site but couldn't find any usp.
Ben Werdmüller
Ben WerdmüllerMaker@benwerd · Director of Investments (SF), Matter
@gigamick Medium is awesome, but there are a few reasons why you might want to choose us. The biggest is that you fully control the platform: your content is fully under your control. You can choose to host your Known site on our service, or on your own server, or move in either direction at any time. That means you're not subject to any changes Medium has. It also means it's hosted under your domain, which means you're not promoting someone else's company when you share your content with someone else. You're not locked into Known in any way, by design.