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Hey PH, I’m so pumped to share my first post with you all today! I’ve been waiting for the perfect product and I think I found it with KnowMe. I’ve been using it a bit in beta, and it just released to the App Store this AM ( I’ve made a few KnowMes and am LOVING it. Best way to showcase my dog who has the cutest underbite ever. KnowMe rethinks how you make video on your phone by simplifying complex editing. Bold statement, I know. It was created by a pretty famous filmmaker, this guy Andrew Jarecki, who produced a lil series on HBO called The Jinx (lol). Interestingly, Andrew also co-founded Moviefone way back when. The app is free and it lets you make a video using material already have on your phone -- pictures, video, music, and even your own voice to narrate. KnowMes can be private (not everyone needs to see my dog all the time) or they can be shared on your socials. Anyway, I hope you all download it and check it out and share your videos with the world. In the meantime, follow @karasilv to get to KnowMe (see what I did there?) and check out this funny one from Jake Stringfield, who I also ‘met’ through KnowMe:
Hey guys, it's Andrew Jarecki. Making The Jinx and other films, I've interviewed hundreds of people, and am always struck by the basic human need people have to share their stories. But for non-professionals who want to capture their lives on their smartphones, there was no easy tool available that let you create a polished video using all the media on your phone. We created KnowMe to radically simplify the process. Even though watching video online is exploding, the process of making a video on your phone is still cumbersome, stuck in the linear world of the 1980s camcorder. There are great social tools for capturing what's in front of your camera in real time, but if you want to tell a richer, edited story using all the media on your phone, you are stuck with tools that are really designed for professionals. KnowMe lets you capture, edit, and watch your video on a single screen, assembling your story as you go. We hope KnowMe unlocks everyone's innate powers of self-expression, empowering a wave of new creators. Please try it out, and feel free to contact me with questions or ideas. We love ideas.
To be hones, I quite like it. I've been a user of video creation apps for a while and this one seems to do it right and simple. Although, it could be easily added as a feature by other apps that already have an audience. Other than that, keep up the good work :)
I feel like there are so many variations that touch on the same premise here... A bit like a Snapchat story? What is the big draw here vs other similars?
@bentossell Good Q! With Snpachat stories I'm pretty sure you can only use your Snapchat content. The similarity to KnowMe would be in creating a story with your content. The difference is that with KnowMe you can use any of the media on your phone -- like pictures, video, and music, and you can select the order of that media. You can also record your own voice adding a narrative to tell the story whereas with Snapchat Stories you can't tweak the content once it's in Snapchat. Also, with KnowMe you can share the video you created to social media outside the network and you can email or text it. It lives on! LMK if you have other questions!
@karasilverman so hypothetically if Snapchat allowed you to upload your content then it would be a real issue for KnowMe? I suspect they are either already implementing something or have thought about it. You can download your snapchats too. Just skeptical as this is built around something that could easily be adopted by the biggest player in the game. It's a cool idea though
@bentossell The “uploading” of existing content is not the differentiating factor - the entire video creation process is different.  The easiest way to show the difference is through the number of inputs: Snapchat has one, the camera. KnowMe has the camera, plus existing videos and pictures on your phone, plus images from the web, plus the ability to voiceover or add music.  Another big difference is that Snapchat stories must have an entirely linear construction: you upload your snaps in the order that they are played. KnowMe lets you rearrange the timeline as you go. Fun sidenote: in beta, lots of people have used Snaps that they’ve saved within their KnowMes.  In short, KnowMe merges both the capture and editorial processes of video creation, whereas other apps focus on one or the other. The only way to understand it is to try it. It's a fundamentally different experience.
@staceyfederico thanks for letting me know! :) I'm still a lurker for video content so haven't quite dipped my toe in yet. Maybe one day soon! Another ques, what is the story behind Nev in the video :P If you have him as an advocate you should definitely get @caseyneistat on board too haha
@bentossell Andrew is also a producer for the MTV show Catfish and has been friends with Nev for a long time. He showed Nev the product in its earliest stage and Nev's been a part of KnowMe since then. Casey's app is great too, but for different reasons. Beme is all about capturing what's happening in the moment: first person, present tense. KnowMe is about crafting a story.
Right off the bat, fix having to have ringer on for videos.
@wheelsee Thanks! We experimented a lot with this. If your ringer is off, you can toggle your volume up to increase. We felt like if someone has the ringer off they wouldn’t want to immediately have sound play.
@staceyfederico actually that didn't work either. Also no way to save the video other than uploading on to your site? Poor video quality? Awful watermark? Yikes. This app doesn't get IT at all.
@wheelsee Sorry about the audio - we'll have our support specialist reach out to you because that should not be the case. All videos are saved both natively and to your account where you can make them either public or private. We chose to start with a lower resolution to accommodate many folks who don't have a lot of free memory on their phone, but we're upscaling in the future - and our intent is to empower composition over aesthetics. The resolution is more lightweight so we're able to be more flexible and render in real time, etc... As for the watermark, we are working on the aliasing - and it's there not only to provide a natural fadeout, but to help others to know about us since, you know, we'd like to grow our audience. :)