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Knowmail Mobile is an exciting email on-the-go Artificial Intelligence solution to help you focus on things that matter most, do more with less effort, and balance work and life.

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Hi All, I’m Ariel, VP Products of Knowmail. We’re happy to share our new project – the Knowmail mobile app, an exciting email on-the-go Artificial Intelligence solution to help you focus on things that matter most, do more with less effort, and balance work and life. The problem: Email overload. We’re bombarded from all sides by a variety of content: social, email, media, and more…keeping us always connected …trying to keep up. Our inbox alone is overflowing, and we spend way too much time in it (much of it is complete waste) …think of all the precious time being wasted which can be used for good: creating, innovating, solving, d also disconnecting to spend quality time with our families. This is where Knowmail comes to help! Knowmail’s Mobile app: Knowmail uses personalized artificial intelligence to learn your habits, and in turn understands which emails are urgent versus all the rest. So with Knowmail you receive your urgent emails ONLY, so you can avoid the constant email notifications and distractions and the wasted time spent checking your inbox every minute or searching your inbox for the emails that truly deserve your attention. Furthermore, additional productivity features and AI predictions are included, so you can stay organized, productive, and get things done…even on-the-go (waiting in line, in the bathroom, or in those few spare minutes between meetings). Finally, our products are enterprise secured, making sure no identifiable personal information leaves your device. Learn more at: The Productivity Features: • Quick reply: respond inline directly and quickly • Move: the app predicts appropriate folder to move an email to with ease (O365 accounts only, Gmail in the works) • Snooze: defer an urgent email to a later, more appropriate time • Set a reminder: alert yourself on a specific email you wish to revisit • Mute: avoid constant pings and distractions, unless you’re mentioned by name • Custom notifications: select your preferred push frequency Who’s Knowmail for? Knowmail for mobile was built for all busy people out there, trying to keep away from their Inbox and get some shit done. We would love nothing more than to hear from you, so we can make it better with your feedback. Don’t hold back. BTW, if you have any idea you think is worth sharing and we missed it - feel free to ping me at and I’ll be happy to review and share.
I have been waiting for this for a long time! My email need this so badly :)
@urieli17 Thanks! We're here to fix email :) Waiting for your feedback.
Hey people, Thanks for this! This is something i'm really keen on trying , can you share a bit more about how the machine prioritizes my emails and a bit about the false positive/negative ratios you've been seeing ?
@wolkomir Hi Shai, thanks for your trust :) Our AI learns your email habits for the last 90 days by scanning (fully anonymized and encrypted) your inbox, actions, preferences, etc. and creates a unique personalized profile based on over 3,000 different machine learning features. We then rank your emails, sending only the top urgent/important emails to our mobile app. Regarding the false/negative, we're seeing a significant improvement after 14 days of using Knowmail, allowing us to get over 90% success on our algorithm.
An awesome product approach! When are you planing to add multiple accounts support accounts?
@gilto1024 Thanks Gil :) Sure, we're planning to add multiple accounts and multiple channels (i.e. more messaging platforms) pretty soon
With an inbox hovering between 200-400 unopened emails, this tool has been a savior for me. I don't need to wonder if I forgot to reply to an important email I put off during busier hours. I don't need to ask myself "OK, what were those four important emails from earlier in the day that I must respond to by EOD?" My favorite feature is Mute. We put on events from time to time, and my inbox used to get crowded by notifications that people have registered. Excited for the Move feature to have Gmail functionality :)
@matan_bordo thanks. Working on it :)