Predict what to pitch to every prospect

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KnowledgeTree learns what top performing sales reps communicate to win deals; predicts what other reps should pitch to win; and pushes 'sales blueprints' to reps in and email.
@petermollins interesting product. Can you share a bit about what data points are most influential for building sales blueprints? For example, are you aggregating "time on slide" stats among all prospects? Which data points are passively gathered from leads prior to the pitch?
Many thanks, @ryanmac … yes, that is one of the inputs into the model. It looks at what reps share with prospects and what content prospects consume (say which slides in a presentation did they view, or did they download an ebook). It weights these results based on sales outcome (e.g. opportunity won) and correlates it with a sales situation (like sales stage or buyer persona). Predictions are then made with similar opportunities, leads, etc.