Knowledge Officer 2.0

Organizing the world's knowledge!

Have you ever wondered "What should I learn today?" We are hoping to build the product that gives you that answer based on your career goal, profile and learning style.

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We see how the world of today is shifting into discovery and recommendations more than just search. You open Netflix and watch recommended films. You do the same with Spotify to listen to the best relevant music. Even with Amazon, people are discovering items that they even did not know they want to buy! That’s why we want our product to serve the future of recommendation and discovery in education and learning!
Have you ever tried learning about a new topic and your search only got you very few good answers? Did you turn to Google and was then faced with a huge amount of clickbait and advertised content? Try our new iPhone app that gives you a personalized, dynamic and ever-evolving learning paths based on your career goals.