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Devesh KumarMaker@onosmosis · Developer, WhiteShark
Hi everyone. We are team WhiteShark ( and we built this platform for UNESCO MGIEP ( MGIEP is a category 1 UNESCO institute and specialises in research, knowledge sharing and policy formulation in the area of education for peace, sustainability and global citizenship. @Khan_Sana leads the platform for UNESCO MGIEP. Can you tell us the story behind Knowledge Commons?
Sana Khan@sana_khan
@devezk @khan_sana The Institute started operations in 2013-14 and it took us no time to realise that there was a serious dearth of a network platform for knowledge sharing. Despite good professionals in the field, we felt a lot of potential was going untapped, a lot of voices were left unheard. This is when UNESCO MGIEP decide to connect these dots. Thus Knowledge Commons was born.
Shashwat Pradhan@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
@devezk @khan_sana this looks like a great product! Congrats on the launch
Devesh KumarMaker@onosmosis · Developer, WhiteShark
@shashwatpradhan Thanks man!
Reyhan S. Ergun@reyhan_s_ergun · Content Writer
What hooked me really was this discussion: Do you know why we are so hesitant to talk about sex in our schools? Well, my answer to this was YES but couldn’t agree more with most of the comments in this discussion. Look into it: Visit right now and signup. Awesome discussions :) Keep the ball rolling guys..
Sana KhanMaker@khan_sana · Communications Officer, UNESCO MGIEP
@reyhan_s_ergun Thanks Reyhan. If you liked that discussion, I am sure you gonna like this one too - Why traditional textbooks are such good sleeping pills?
Kumar Abhishek@kumar_abhishek8
@devezk @khan_sana: I had a chance to follow kcommons for sometime now. kcommons is far off from the social media noice and has been showcasing well curated and quality contents. I have not been a fan of open discussion platforms until now, but kcommons really has my attention. Great Work and Good Luck to you guys!!!
Sana KhanMaker@khan_sana · Communications Officer, UNESCO MGIEP
@kumar_abhishek8 Thanks Abhishek. We wanted to build a place that was open, yet safe for global citizens. Keep participating in discussions and share things that interests you.
Vikas Kumar@vikas_kuma
First of all, @devezk and the Whiteshark team, Congratulations ! You have definitely given a great makeover to the knowledge sharing and discussion platform (Knowledge Commons). I have always felt that online social media are places to rant out your personal views to the already ubiquitous chaos or be buoyed away by the avalanches of posts painted with the herd mentality. Both leading to nowhere. The Knowledge Commons platform is definitely an honest attempt to tackle the same. The influencers as well as the common public, can congregate at one place and have a fruitful discussion. And, as the policy makers also keep an eye on the discussion, we can expect some encouraging advances in the existing policies over time as well. I urge you to sign up and start contributing at- Let's envision and build a better society together.
Devesh KumarMaker@onosmosis · Developer, WhiteShark
@vikas_kuma Thanks Vikas. The power of the platform lies in the content that the community creates and curates. We are just a bridge between them. This is where we realise that technology is just a means to an end. Do share KC with your friends and thanks for trying out!
Sana Khan@sana_khan
@vikas_kuma @devezk Thanks Vikas! i think you have nailed the process that actually leads to real, slow and painful yet sustained change. This is exactly what we are hoping to do on this platform.
Nawaz Dhandala@nawaz_dhandala
This is by far one of the social platforms with most high quality content I've seen. The discussions are open and honest. I would love to see this get more traction and make the change the world deserves. Great work guys!
Sana KhanMaker@khan_sana · Communications Officer, UNESCO MGIEP
@nawaz_dhandala Thanks Nawaz! That was the intention. Someone just told us that there are NO trolls on the platform, even when people can comment anonymously. Seems like a dream in this Twitter/Facebook world. Thanks for trying out the product.