Knowledge Base

Smart knowledge base to support your customers and agents

LiveChat Knowledge Base is a tool that allows building both an internal database for your agents and an external public help centre for customers.

You can “stuff it” with data and help both agents and visitors find information in a snap. The internal widget is also equipped with AI support that suggests articles answering customer queries.

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Matt Pliszka
CRM Consultant @
Hey, happy to hunt Knowledge Base for LiveChat. With LiveChat Knowledge Base you'll be able to: - > set-up a complete help center for your business - > use it as an independent knowledge base/help center available for your customers at your website - > connect it with LiveChat and respond automatically with help materials during the chat How can Knowledge Base help your business? - > reduce time spent on customer support (support can send links to tutorials/help materials immediately) - > increase customer satisfaction (necessary information available to your customers 24/7) - > automate your work (automatically suggested knowledge base articles when chatting with customers) Would love to hear your thoughts on the product!
Michał Fiech
Chief Growth Hacker @ LiveChat
Hi Hunters! 👋 Matt, thanks for hunting the product 🙂 I'm more than proud to finally announce here our new child – LiveChat Knowledge Base 😍 In August 2017, we've decided to help LiveChat Users improve their supporting efforts by giving them access to their help articles within LiveChat App – that's how the Internal Knowledge Base widget was created Then, our customers told us that they'd like to send these articles to their users, so they can help themselves anytime it's needed. That's how the Help Center was released. Things started to escalate quickly with the number of articles created, number of LiveChat users trialing the product and all its features. To empower our Agents more, we've developed an AI algorithm ( 🤖) that analyses the customer question in the chat and suggests Agents which article should be sent in the chat. After 8 months of creating the above, we got the best reward we could ask for – first paying customers that found a huge value in our solution 🎉and it's still counting. Now, it's time to move forward, so we'd love to hear what you think about Knowledge Base and its current state. Looking forward to hearing from you! Michal
Joanna JachułaProject Manager
It looks very useful and easy to use. Hope that solution allows to solve clients' issues even faster.
Dave Poly
Builder of things, Marvel geek, Cat dad
That internal knowledge base is 💯. A lot of knowledge base apps don't have something like that.
Roland Clifford
NIce )