Unbiased coverage of the day’s most important news

Knowhere is a news publication striving to be the most unbiased and authoritative source on the day’s most important issues.

We use a combination of machine learning and human journalists to evaluate bias in reporting, considering outlets as varied as the NYT and Breitbart, to inform three 'spins' of every story: impartial, left and right.

  • Sam Bible
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    Less partisan. Less noise. Great summary of key news.


    Some stories stay on the homepage for over a week which won't be ideal for frequent visitors.

    A refreshing change from today's typical "news as entertainment" approach. News is presented from a US (or UK) perspective, but includes important events happening around the world. I like it because it not only cuts through the noise but helps put US issues we often over-obsess about in perspective.

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  • Pros: 

    Finally an app that has all of your news sources in one place! I love the ability to read different sides of story to draw my own opinion.


    None - this is the dream team with the dream product.

    Great application and even greater team. This group is dedicated to the goal of removing bias from the news and making sure that the power lies in the hands of the reader.

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Hi Product Hunt! It’s Alex from Knowhere. The truth is broken. If we are to protect the open society and keep democracy alive, we must give everyone - no matter background, ability or opinion - the chance to be properly informed about the world around them. Collectively, we have so far failed to do this. So 3 years ago, we set out to build the most powerful journalist ever built: a human-AI collaboration, built to harness the collective intelligence of the web and able to write the world’s most objective news stories. Our algorithms establish the ground-truths and alternative interpretations of a story and then propose a spectrum of copy to be reviewed by our journalists. With the support of our machine learning tools, our editorial team is free to uncover and dive into the factual elements of a story without the house spin of traditional publications. We believe this collaboration is the only path to a global and truly objective home of news.
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@alex_elkrief I understand you are looking at selling article metadata, according to the Motherboard article. Could you explain the value of that, and to whom that value is most relevant to? (Would be a different use case than say, giving advertisers interest-based user data)
Knowhere has been a default "open at startup" tab in Chrome since I first stumbled across it somewhere. You are doing a great job, and the slightly lower volume of new stories actually is a nice aspect too. At first, it almost felt strange to read unbiased news. Now, reading news first on Knowhere has opened my eyes to seeing bias much more frequently on other sites. I hope the word spreads a lot!
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I love the idea Alexandre! Added to my bookmarks.
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Get the daily emails and have found it interesting
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Knowhere allows me at any time to obtain objective information about the news of the world. It is a great alternative to the traditional opinion journalism, offering an unbiased daily press. Thanks to them!
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