Personal Knowledge Management, open source and self-hosted.

Knowfox is a personal knowledge management system that is [open source]( and meant to be [self-hosted]( It provides hierarchy, outlining, tags, bidirectional relationships, markdown, search, images, easy journaling, sharing, static site generation, oauth2, and an API.

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OlavMaker@oschettler ·
Maker here: I now use Knowfox every day as my Journal / Commonplace Book. In addition to that, I have migrated all my 12k Evernote entries and my ebook collection into it. It gives me great synergies to be able to semantically link between these thinks in a single place. In addition, Knowfox gives me a nice testbed to test and develop more focussed modules for collaborative settings. I invite you to try it out. It is open source and easily installed locally or at a cheap hoster. There are instructions for this at