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Ashley Madison Checker. Cause you wanna know.

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I created this site to make security breaches like this available to the general public. Most people either don't want or don't know how to download and search the leaked data dumps of emails that hackers release. So when I saw 10GB of over 36 million emails released on reddit, I downloaded the data and made it freely searchable on This portal was actually launched last year in response to the leaked Gmail hack of ~5 million emails. When the Ashley Madison leaked data became available, I just updated the database to search that data, Since my parent company,, started provided username searching of over 500 social networks (along with domains and trademarks) in 2009, we've grown to over a dozen employees all located here in New Jersey. We're all very dedicated to thwarting identity theft for startups, businesses and brands on social media. So at it's heart, is really a security company - we protect brands by securing their business names and trademarks on social media. So I now try to release tools like this to both give back to the community which has made us so popular, and of course to raise brand awareness for our commercial services.
I have a feedly account with apps from 50 different sources. This popped up. The founder of Knowem, a naming tool, made this. I imagine this is one in a slew of apps that will be made available to the general public. The data breach of Ashley Madison consisted of 35 Gigabytes Uncompressed. Usernames, passwords, first names, last names, street addresses, and more....
Useful app. Should be higher on the list.
@samatrouh Thanks, I think so too ;)