Digital business cards that are easily shared and searched

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Neat idea. Your logo is extremely close to the logo that Buffer has.
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@alexputici I was thinking the same thing. 😀
Good catch, @alexputici and @rrhoover - we had no idea! 😶
@rrhoover @alexputici just had green to the regular buffer logo and you get knowee..
@basictechy @rrhoover @alexputici You are right, they look similar. When we registered our brand and logo, we didn't know about Buffer. When we realized this similarity, we thought it was unlikely that we would collide. Buffer is a great App to schedule posts, and their logo is black. We do Personal Brand Cards, and we are green. We really hope that it's not a big deal for anyone.
@jose3188_tw @basictechy @rrhoover @alexputici The first thing that came to my mind when I saw your logo was that Buffer created another product. You might run into a legal issue in terms of the staking logo.
Hello Product Hunters! We love business cards and all of the information they carry. However, traditional cards aren’t jiving with our increasingly digital world - so we developed Knowee, a system to put your actual business cards online (or create new ones) with two main objectives in mind: > To keep the exact look and feel of your current card, with your design, logo, proportions, typography, etc. > To make them compatible with the internet, with linkedin, SMS, Skype, Whatsapp, etc. Now business cards can travel at the same speed as SMS, can be viewed on any connected device - and recipients can see the image and tap to call, tap to email, tap to navigate, view social networks or even download the contact. Competing apps don’t maintain the visual image of a card, and just send contact info (as far as we researched!). We built Knowee to blend the traditional card with modern connectivity. By the way, this is 007's online business card: @webtech
@jose3188_tw any plans to be able sync the data with CRM likes salesforce?
@jacksonventures Hi John, thats a goooood point! We have thought about that and it's definitely something to go for, but it will take us some time to develop... Thanks for the suggestion!
@jacksonventures Hi John, thats a goooood point! We have thought about that and it's definitely something to go for, but it will take us some time to develop... Thanks for the suggestion!
@jose3188_tw @webtech Handy! How do I store cards In my account?
@laura_arquiluz @webtech We're glad you find Knowee useful! In the 'My cards' section at Knowee you create your card/s so you can share the one you need when you need. In the 'Card holder' section, any card you see if you are logged in, it is automatically stored in that section so you can search for it. That card stores the date when you first opened, so you can later find it by date too.
Very cool, I wonder if there was an even easier way to share, kind of like the snap chat codes.
@tyler_carlson Hi Tyler, Knowee cards are actually websites, so you just have to share the URL. You can do that by copying and pasting the URL in a linked in message, in a Skype chat, in a Whatsapp, in a text or even signing a PDF document. Knowee also generates a QR code for every card, so you can save it as an image and put it anywhere you want your card to be scanned (you could even print the QR in your shirt to get it scanned!) The mobile app lets you share very easily using these methods just by tapping. Hope you like it! Thanks!
Knowee card for @erictwillis:
Would be cool if we could create custom business cards directly on this platform and have them shipped
@ariehmovtady When you create a Knowee card you can upload your own design, leave it blank and Knowee will create a neutral card image for you or you can use our linked business card design tool to design one. It gives you many options. Once you are happy, you save it to your device and upload it to Knowee. We currently do not offer printing services as we try to keep it all online, but it can be an alternative option to think about. Thanks for your comment!