LinkedIn meets Yelp for articles & videos

Knowed is a place where users share and vote on content. What makes the rating system special is that votes are NOT counted equally.
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Hi everyone, My name is Sammy, and I created Knowed. I’m not a startup of 10-20 people... My background is in engineering, I currently do business development, and I am a self-taught programmer! I’m also on vacation w/ my family right now… in a hotel room answering comments :) so have mercy (please) on my response-time. I built Knowed to address a problem with validating information online. Knowed is an article/video link sharing platform... with a peer-review system. The weight of your vote depends on your reputation with the topic you’re voting on... And whether you’re an expert depends on the community’s trust in you. Please check it out. And if you have any questions, comments, or feedback (please!) feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!

I am excited to see the future of Knowed. If this catches wind, it will be the next social platform of information and knowledge exchange.


This platform enables average Joes to reach professional level recognition in their opinion and judgement.


I think a simple app that is user friendly will really help advance the vision of the Knowed.

Thanks man! “professional recognition of their judgement” Solid way to put it. I might borrow that explanation from you :) great feedback on the app side. I’m working on it.. tried to just do a hybrid thing via PhoneGap, but the security I use on the site seems a bit too strict. I don’t want to compromise that though, so a native iOS app will come first. Thanks again!

Love the "Pinterest board for content" concept. Looking forward to see thought leaders' pick on best articles.


Great concept on the peer-to-peer way of exploring articles and contents. Easy to look for relevant info-consumption.


None so far

Thanks Zoe :) yeeah, exactly (with the thought leaders part)! That's why I made it so you could search for people by topic/keyword... hopefully that proves easy enough to glean some insight from industry experts. Thanks for the review!
Hey Sammy! Congrats on your launch! My first impression on the reminds me of "Pinterest board for articles". Great concept for helping people discover contents!

I will definitely use this for vetting information.


Easy to use, clean layout, GREAT concept. The more that join, the more helpful it will become.


Can't think of one yet

Thanks for the solid review man! “The more that join, the more helpful...” so true, I’m excited for the user base to keep growing. That will really help the algorithm figure things out!