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@jongold@jongold · AI design tools
Love this. Can you guys help me…read? I never read things that aren't technical books, tweets or Medium posts.
Ali R. Tariq@alirtariq · Product Designer, Axonify
This is great. I've been noodling on this type of idea for a while but glad to see someone implement a nicer version of it :)
Tom CavillMaker@tomcavill · Designer; co-founder
@alirtariq Thanks Ali! If you have any feature suggestions based off of your thoughts, please let me know :)
Tom CavillMaker@tomcavill · Designer; co-founder
Thanks for submitting, Devin / @hailpixel! There's a lot to polish yet on Knowall, but the core is there. Delighted to answer any questions ^_^.
Tom CavillMaker@tomcavill · Designer; co-founder
Josh McMillan@jshmc · Creative Technologist
I really like it. Perhaps discovery could be the next step? I'd love to be able to offer book suggestions to people I don't know on topics which I'm slightly more qualified in, for instance. That does obviously detract from the friends-only attractiveness of it, though. Maybe I just need to get some better read friends!
Tom CavillMaker@tomcavill · Designer; co-founder
@mcmillatronic Yeah definitely. I think discovery and notifications are the priority (now that it seems people are finding it a useful tool). Also surfacing some prior-recommended content for similar Knowall topics would make sense.