Know Your Water

Understand what is in your water

Know Your Water is the first service to be offered by Tern Water, with the aim of allowing users to be able to understand the water they rely on a simple and most convenient way. With our Tern Capusle, you can test your water for all major contaminants and know what you need to know.

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Don’t local water utilities test their water hundreds of thousands of times a year, post annual reports, and, often, offer free test kits themselves?
@girma Great question. I used to work at a major water utility before, and the water is usually tested just at the source. Most of the contaminants get added to your water as it leaves the utility and reaches your home. So water quality could highly vary from one home to another. Most of them actually offer very pricey testing kits ranging from 80 to 200 dollars.
Great idea. Would be nice if you had a sample PDF report on your site.
@steadicat Thank you Stefano. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll see how the report looks like.
Mo, great concept. pls contact me. I have a market for you I would like to discuss
@ian_blair_hamilton Thank you Ian. Please email me at
With something like this, is there anything you can do once you find out what's in your water or would it just be adding a filtration system to fix any issues you find?
@3amjosh We add tips to the water report report, and it all depends on the level of contaminants in your water
Hey Mo, 24 Days and no reply.. I am keen to use and collaborate with you and your product. Wassup?