No one sets out to be a bad manager. But it's easy to become one.

Know Your Team is software that helps you become a better leader. We give you educational written guides, software tools to save you time, and a community of 1,000 managers to learn from.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "I don't know what I'm doing," Know Your Team is for you.

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👋 Howdy Product Hunt, Claire, here, CEO of Know Your Team. Very excited to share some big news with you... Know Your Company is now Know Your Team! 🎉 We've got a new product, new business model, and new company name, to boot. Know Your Team is software that helps managers become better leaders. We give you educational guides, tools, and a community of support to help you avoid becoming a bad boss. Here's the full story of why we're making the change: I'd love for you take the new product for a spin. So, who's Know Your Team for? If you’ve spent late nights googling things like, “how to be a good manager” or “how to run a team meeting” or “how to delegate well”… If you’ve bought carts of leadership books on Amazon, desperate to avoid beginner manager mistakes… If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I have no idea what I’m doing as a manager”…. Know Your Team is for you. I'd be honored if you took it for a spin: Look forward to hearing what you think :-) - Claire
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Claire and the team are a huge source of inspiration for us at GoSquared – their content is some of the best out there on the subject of management. So excited to try this out!
@jamesjgill Thanks for the kind words, James. Look forward to hearing what you think of the product. And please do let me know if I can be of any help!
Hi Claire. Long time lurker of KYT (KYC), first time commenter. Claire, we currently use Officevibe, is KYT complimentary, or a replacement ? My staff get what I call "app fatigue" so we always have to consolidate to the least amount to fulfil process and outcomes. Thank you
@a12rj Thanks for the note! I hear ya on the app fatigue. I'm not super familiar with all of Officevibe's features, unfortunately – so I can only speak to the 2 biggest things that make KYT particularly different from any other solution: 1. Our methodology - The software is focused on helping you develop 3 skills as a leader: Trust, Honesty, Context. So all the tools have been designed to help you with those skills, based on the research we've done over the past four years. 2. Our resources - We don't just give you software tools. You get our Guides (50+ chapters of written content based on data from 15,000+ people) and our Community (online community of 1,000 managers to get advice from). These resources are also designed around helping you with the skills of Trust, Honesty, and Context. Last thing that likely makes in different from OfficeVibe Know Your Team is all about helping you become a better manager. It's why we have a methodology and a set of complementary resources. We don't think it's possible to just slap on an app and say, "Oh now you're a better leader and your team is better." All the 3 resources – Guides, Tools, Community – are meant to be used together, to help you get better as a manager (You can read a bit more about it all here: Does this help a bit? Happy to clarify or answer anything else.
This is the thing that is needed right now. I have had some really bad experiences with my reporting manager due to gaps in communication. This tool could really help managers in better managing teams. Kudos!
Congratulations on the launch @clairejlew!