Know Your Company

Unlock honest feedback and improve employee engagement

Know Your Company is a software tool that helps business owners get to know their employees better and overcome company growing pains. We work with over 15,000 employees in 25 countries at companies like Glossier, Balsamiq, and Cards Against Humanity to help cultivate a more open, honest work environment.

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Claire Lew
CEO, Know Your Team
Hello Product Hunt! 👋 I'm Claire Lew, the CEO of Know Your Company, and I'm excited to share Know Your Company with y'all here ( Know Your Company is a software tool that helps business owners overcome company growing pains and build an open, honest work environment. What's our story? About five years ago, I felt the pain of not being able to give feedback at work as an employee. It frustrated me so much, I started my own consulting practice helping other CEOs uncover their blindspots and foster more transparent company cultures. Basecamp (previously known as 37signals) was my first client. Basecamp had just hit around 40 employees, and their CEO Jason Fried felt like he didn't know his company anymore. So Jason and the Basecamp team set to build a solution that worked for them – they called it Know Your Company. Know Your Company became so successful as a product, Basecamp decided to spin it off into its own company. In 2014, Know Your Company, the product, became Know Your Company, the company, and I became the new CEO. Today, we help over 15,000 employees at hundreds of companies like Airbnb and Kickstarter in 25 countries all over the world. Our vision is to create a world where everyone feels they can communicate openly and honestly at work. It's what I wish had been possible for me, as an employee five years ago, and what I'd love to help others achieve. To double down on this vision, we recently launched our new Knowledge Center to help even MORE people. We're sharing 3 years worth of research, completely for free: Would love to know what you think! Please holler at @cjlew23 and say hi :-)
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@cjlew23 This is such a real problem, particularly in startups. Would love to see more founders investing in this. The workplace is changing dramatically and it's hard to keep up and keep everyone as productive as they should be in an inclusive environment.
plcthis is me
wtf IS this though
@plc It's awesome.
Daniel Lopes
CTO @knowyourcompany
@plc Know Your Company is a software to help business owners and managers get to know their employees better by consistently asking important questions and starting the right conversations before it's too late.