Know It All!

The snarky Apple TV trivia game.

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Buy the copywriter a beer for me please. Great stuff.
Hi, developer here. This game was loads of fun to make. Lots of subtle touches that make it so fun in group settings, like randomized team names ("The Bitter Cankles", "The Pleasing Gun Racks"), sarcastic messaging, music, fun animations, and hand-written question packs for Christmas, Movies, Music and more. Try out the Christmas question pack with family and friends over the holiday! Be sure to try it with the companion iOS app where teams can buzz in from their iPhone/iPad: Let me know what you think! Any question packs you'd like to see?
@parkerwightman Love this concept for a game. But I love the website section on the "Södermalm House" even more 😜👍😃😂
@parkerwightman haha I'm loving this! Peggy looks like a valuable team member.
@grizzwithak ha, thanks! That would be @therobfoster's doing ;-)