On-demand wedding concierge

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Hi Product Hunters! Get one month free when you text us the code, 'PH1'. Familiar with the frustration and expense of planning our own wedding (and a destination one at that), we have decided to launch Knotify, an on-demand concierge for weddings. Knotify partners with the best vendors to ensure that weddings are a stress-free and seamless experience. Gone are the countless hours that couples spend scouring the web for a venue that serves something other than rubber chicken or a dress that doesn't cost as much as a car. To keep our platform simple and convenient, customers send us their requests via SMS and a Knotify Concierge finds the best solutions for their needs. As an added bonus, we have incorporated SMS payments into the platform so it is easy to make purchases on your mobile. Please visit Knotify and try our wedding concierge service and let us know what you think! We are offering a free one month membership to all Product Hunters.
Looks like a cool tool in a pretty big market. Curious how you decide which vendors to suggest. Will you have a vendor network or preferred vendors for each city?
@chrisgscott Hi Chris - thanks for the vote of confidence! We have built and will continue building a library of preferred vendors in each city. All vendors have the opportunity to submit themselves for consideration, but ultimately Knotify will only recommend those vendors who can best meet the needs of our customers. By adopting this approach, we hope to offer our clients an independent and personalized solution.
I thought at first this was a product brand of "The Knot", (like "The Bump"), but then I found that The Knot offers their own concierge service: . I'm sure you've already sought legal counsel on trademarks and such, but as a consumer I expected something different. And I'm not sure that's an advantage for you.
@ryanmac Hi Ryan - thanks for your feedback. The Knot concierge service is a bit different in that they only help you with venues. Knotify can help you solve any wedding-related problem, no matter how big or small!
Awesome idea Nadia!
@edwinelodimuor Hi Edwin - thank you! We are super excited about it. Appreciate your support.