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I'm very excited to announce that my Mac app Knotes is finally out! I created Knotes to help Kindle users manage and view all of the book highlights on your Mac. No need for any configuration, just connect your Kindle to your mac and press the sync button, Knotes will parse all the highlights and download book covers automatically. In addition, Knotes can group different books by authors. Full text search and distraction free mode supported! More features including PDF and HTML export, social network sharing etc coming soon. Advices and feature requests appreciated! Download and have a try today!
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Could it connect directly to kindle Web service?
@brady Hi Brady, you got the point! Knotes only supports connecting Kindle and syncing highlights and notes to your Mac for version 1.0.1. But I planned to add syncing through Kindle web service at version 1.1.0. It has a high priority in the development queue but also needs more time to polish.
@brady Hi Brady, Knotes 2 was just released and it's connected to Kindle Web Service!
Does it sync notes from PDFs/Documents imported into a Kindle or just books purchased from Amazon?
@adambader Hi Adam, great question! Knotes will also sync highlights and notes form PDFs/Documents imported into your Kindle. I have tested PDFs and Instapaper newsletter documents. But for current version, Knotes only display highlights. In the next version update, notes will also be displayed in Knotes app.
@adambader The Cracking_The_Coding_Interview is a PDF imported: Also the 3 Instapaper newsletters are imported through Instapaper's weekly delivery service.
It seems an awesome product! Looking forward to try the sync between my kindle and my mac. On the website, you mention a free and a paid version of the app. But I can't find any detail on the difference between them, is there any?
@jorisrenaud Hi Joris, thank you! Knotes definitely worth a try! Knotes is a paid app which enables a 7 days free trial. The free download is actually a full version but with trial limitation. If you like Knotes after trial ends, please buy a license through our store. Thanks a lot for supporting us!
This is awesome. I highlight and make notes of Kindle books and end up losing them after I delete books from my Kindle. Being able to keep the data and view it like this is a great idea. Is there a way to sync my notes, highlights to Dropbox? I like to keep my data backed up to the cloud. Great product, love the plans behind it. Easy $5 purchase as I see you are planning on keeping active dev of it.
@levibostian Thanks Levi! For backup to Dropbox, for current version, you can manually copy the data file in the ~/Library/Application\ Support/knotes/data and ~/Library/Application\ Support/knotes/covers folder. Auto backup options will be added in next update. Thanks a lot for purchasing Knotes! I will keep update Knotes and make it a powerful clippings manager!