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I know @ronglozman, the maker of this web-app, through his internship program at our lab. He's a talented web developer who's super passionate about using tech to make mundane studying and learning tasks easier and more efficient. (In fact, he confessed to having his internship cover-letter generated through a script using relevant terms and Excel spreadsheets. I still don't know how I feel about that!). Ron's got interesting ideas about how Knote will help anyone study smarter. I'll let him fill you guys in :)
I would love some feedback, giving away a 1 year premium membership to a lucky commenter here, one on twitter, one on facebook and FIVE through the UserVoice feedback widget in the app, bottom right corner!
PRODUCT HUNT EXCLUSIVE: For the next 72 hours all applicants to the beta from Product Hunt will be accepted immediately. You can get started at once you have signed up on the home page and verified your email! Hi everyone, super excited to be here, thanks @alirtariq! Knote is an intelligent text processing web app. It's tailored towards students, but is language and character set independent so it's useful to anyone who works with text documents. I built Knote out of my own frustrations of taking notes and studying for exams. I realized that I just kept rewriting the same notes over and over and highlighting wasn't helping because the information I needed to study would change over time. Since I already used word documents to do all my highlighting and note taking, why not use the power of machine learning and computers to help? The purpose of Knote is to help you generate concise notes based on the information you need to study at that time (highlighted). Over the course of a semester I would have one file for each textbook chapter with the relevant information highlighted. For each midterm I would generate a Knote with the relevant chapters (Knote can process multiple files at once!) and study off it. The generated Knote would be a single document that contains only the important highlighted information relevant for that midterm. At the end when the exam came I just selected all the chapters as input for Knote and I got back a document covering all the important information that semester. I literally saved hours of copying my notes over and highlighting. I plan to add many cool features like flip card generation, quizzes and even sample exams based on your notes!
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