Cut the noise out of busy email threads

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Hey! We aren't exactly ready for your scrutiny dear world. But if you want to try knotable you can and just ping me to be activated The magic trick to try is reply to any thread or forward any thread with cc: Then you get stars and hocus pocus
Played around with Knotable earlier this week. I'm a fan of the underlying philosophy you can feel throughout the product and am excited to see where this goes.
@jasonyogeshshah Woot. <-- philosophy laid bare (tl;dr: naked ambition to get shit done)
@mickhagen is also trying to disrupt email with his company, spatch. what do you think mick?
@eriktorenberg Hey! I've met Mick :) But I haven't checked out spatch. Mick you saw K already right? I added you last week or something...
I'm a fan of @_amol and this project. I just hope it's not too late for me to be saved from email.
I tried to sign up, but it's saying "Internal server error". I also don't really understand the value proposition. Other startups are more clear.