A social platform to share and discover podcasts

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A universe of great podcasts exists, but it's really hard to find interesting episodes to listen to and it's even harder to share them with friends. Knomad lets you follow friends and subscribe to shows to create a customized and personal feed of episodes. See episodes your friends favorite, share episodes directly with your friends, and see episodes that are trending on the app. You shouldn't be bored during your commute and you shouldn't have to do work to find interesting things to listen to. At least, that's our philosophy. =) All feedback is welcome. The blunter, the better.
The "first"? What about Odeo?
@chrismessina fair point! the distinction being for sharing and curating rather than creating.
Love this idea, I was working on a similar platform last year, and just didn't have the time or energy to fully develop it!
What happened with this platform? Podcasters are desperately in need of better tools!