Set your status in your household

Knocknock helps you and your family/house mates better dealing with privacy at home. Create a household, add rooms, share the household id and start setting your status.
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Could you flip this and add 'feeling social' or 'come and chat' so it can instigate positive interactions too.
@helloitsolly Hi Olly! Thanks for this idea, sounds great! I've shared on our main slack channel, we'll be discussing it. :) Have a good day!
Hi friends! Some of us have been sharing the same struggles these days working from home. Together with João and Wesley, we’ve created an app that we hope can help you and your family/housemates better dealing with privacy. How it works: - Download the app - Create a household - Add the rooms in your house - Share the household id with your family/housemates When in a conference call or in need of some focusing time, set your status on the app so others get to know you're busy. A notification will be sent to the rest of your household. We’re happy to hear your feedback and ideas so we can make this a better and more useful tool. Talk soon, Tiago
@tiagooooooooo This is so handy, congrats on the launch
@onmyway133 Great to hear! Thank you Khoa :)
@tiagooooooooo Hi Tiago. Congratulations on the product launch. I am creating a resource material for founders & entrepreneurs where I am interviewing different entrepreneurs and makers on their product launches. This will be read by upcoming founders who are planning to launch their product and this also will add an additional stream of awareness for your product as well. I was wondering if you would like to share your experience as well. Here is the link
?makers I just downloaded the app to try but seems like it has lots of bugs, can't create a new room, unable to change the status of the existing bedroom, please fix all the bugs before you launch a product in producthunt.
@naveeng Hi Naveen, thanks for your great feedback! Sad to hear it's not working on your side. We had 0 bug reports so far from our user base, we will look into what might be causing it not to work. Wish you the best! Tiago.
@tiagooooooooo It works fine for me now :) thanks :)